Terms & Conditions



– Freight price is based on there being reasonable site access for our delivery vehicles.
– Our bricks will deliver around the site in the best effort of the transporter. However, this may not be possible due to an unexpected situation or obstructions. In these cases, the bricks will deliver to a safe area as close as practicable as possible.
– Delivery is costed by using standard tractor truck, please notify us if a Hiab truck is necessary at the time of order. Additional charges may apply if delivery requires other equipment and needs to be agreed and confirmed at the time of order.
– Please provide the full address details at the time of order, including lot number if applicable, suburb/subdivision, and a contact phone number for the builder/project manager.


Product will dispatch in 2 to 3 working days once the order is confirmed.
– Cash sales require payment before dispatch to consider a confirmed order.
– Project (including bricklaying) requires a deposit before dispatch.
– We can only confirm for a delivery day, if need to deliver AM/PM please let us know at the time of placing the order.


– Aubricks pallets are NON-RETURNABLE.
– Aubricks will only refund full un-opened pallets of bricks or blocks.
– The customer will be responsible for the freight costs, and a minimum charge of four pallets applies for Auckland region, seven pallets for Waikato region.
– Please contact your sales representative and Aubricks by phone or e-mail with the site address and the number of bricks to be collected.


– Brick quantities are generally provided by the customer. If you need Aubricks to estimate the amount, the number should be a reference, and the customer will accept plus or minus one pallet as the variance.
– Our clay bricks have nature size & color variation, which occurs during manufacture and will need to be blended by your bricklayer on-site as per good trade practice.


Clay bricks are made from naturally occurring minerals. Variations in color, texture, and size are natural characteristics of clay products and production variations can occur from batch to batch. Colors shown are indicative only and should not be used for the final selection. Products ordered should be chosen from actual samples current at the time of order and are subject to availability. Whilst every effort is made to provide samples, brochures, and displays consistent with products delivered to the site, they should be viewed as a guide only. Customers should ensure that all delivered products are acceptable, and any concerns about products are notified to Aubricks prior to laying. All warranty claims against the product must be made prior to the product being laid. Efflorescence may sometimes appear on bricks. It’s a white, salty powder usually from salts in cement and mortar. Fortunately, the powder is completely harmless and will usually weather away with time. You can brush it off, although it may return if the salt source is still active.


Bricks contain crystalline silica. Cutting or grinding these products creates dust, which may be hazardous and should not be inhaled. Please ensure that when cutting or grinding, an approved mask (respirator) is worn.


The brick colors shown in our brochure and website are an indication only and may be different from the actual product. It is a good idea to confirm the availability and view the latest batch colors before making your decision and always check the delivered packs as soon as possible. All warranty claims must be made prior to the product being laid.

Transport & Delivery:

To ensure the safe and timely arrival of your bricks, there are a number of considerations that must be made. Bricks may have been transported several times prior to them arriving on site. During this handling, chipping may occur. This will not affect the performance of the brick. If there is an issue, please contact Aubricks to organize a site meeting prior to laying. For specific details, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0800 4 BRICK (27425) or our Sales Reps.

Terms of Sale:

Aubricks is unable to accept liability for costs incurred as a result of failure or delay in delivery of the product.