NZ Brick Sizes

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Clay Brick Sizes

In New Zealand 2010s, the most common exterior brick sizes are as follows:

230 x 70 x 76mm
230 x 70 x 119mm
290x70x76 paintable

But other sizes were also manufactured locally, such as 230 mm long x 70 mm depth x 162 mm height, and 290 mm long x 70 mm depth x 162 mm height. In addition, different sizes of bricks require different sizes of corner brick during bricklaying. 290mm long bricks correspond to 219mm long corner bricks and 230mm long bricks correspond to 189mm long corner bricks. Usually, bricklayers need to cut bricks one by one to get its corner bricks. This wastes a lot of labor and increases construction costs. To solve this problem, Aubricks cost a lot of money to make molds for each corner brick and began mass production of various corner bricks. This greatly reduces construction costs and won praise from developers and bricklayers. Various corner brick series are now in short supply.
Valley Beige Weem Brick
River Beige Weem Brick
Pier Beige Weem Brick

Concrete brick Sizes

Concrete bricks (called split stone) were a cast unit, typically 397 mm long x 92 mm wide x 92 mm high, with flat surfaces except for the exposed face which was a finish formed by splitting the larger unit apart (into two brick-sized units) after manufacture. (Renovate, 2020)

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