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Aubricks Kiln-fired Clay Bricks - Product Technical Statement


Product Description

The Aubricks Kiln-fired clay brick is an external wall veneer cladding product suitable for traditional veneer wall construction method with a 40-60mm brick cavity. Aubricks products in traditional brick standard dimension, detail and surface allowing a consistent brick height to facilitate the use of a 10mm thick mortar for laying and connection.

Aubricks product range is available in various color with nine sizes:








Scope of Use

Aubricks Bricks are suitable for use as external wall veneer cladding on residential/ commercial buildings within the scope of E2/AS1. They can be installed to the framing with brick ties system to form the cavity and veneer wall cladding of a building. (Refer to the Construction Details CD01 for design detail).




Aubricks bricks are limited in its use by the restraints that apply in NZS 3604 Timber Frame Building, NZS 4229 Concrete Masonry Building does not requiring Specific Design and NZS 4210 Masonry Materials and workmanship in regards to the a installation of masonry veneer. The maximum height of brick veneer should refer to E2/AS1, Section 9.2.3 InstallationFor brick veneer height exceeding the limitation specified in E2/AS1, please refer to Veneers Requiring Specific Design.


Compliance with the NZBC

Aubricks Bricks are classified as acceptable solution in accordance with E2/AS1 and meet the requirements of New Zealand Building Code (NZBC). The product will, if employed in accordance with Aubricks' installation and maintenance requirements, assist with meeting the following provisions of the building code:

Clause B2 Durability

Clause C3 Spread of Fire

Clause E2 External moisture

Clause F2 Hazardous building materials


In particular, the following tests are executed to verify the compliance:

  • Salt Attack Test: Tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4456.10:2003 - Complies with "Exposure" grade of salt attack resistance. Meets the requirements of the NZBC.
  • Efflorescence Test: Tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4456.6:2003
  • Compressive Strength Test: Tested in accordance with AS / NZS 4456.4: 2003. The result of Characteristic Unconfined Compressive Strength of Aubricks range has been proved as a lot higher than the required standard of the NZBC.


Supporting test reports inlcude: SGS New Zealand Ltd confirming the minimum level of assurance has been met or exceeded the New Zealand Building Code Compliance.

Our manufacturer also confirmed their production quality assurance complied with ISO9000 (Quality Management) Standard.



Aubricks Bricks are manufactured in accordance with NZBC Clause B2 for durability, based on the service history of masonry units in veneer construction using a drained and vented cavity, will have a serviceable life of at least the life of the building, and in excess of 50 years.



Aubricks Bricks must be installed in accordance with NZS 4210 Masonry Material and Workmanship. The veneer cladding is required to be installed using EM (Earthquake Medium) galvanized screw fixed bricks ties. The fixing of brick ties must satisfy the requirements of AS/NZS 2699.1:2000 for medium duty (EM) ties. Ties are to be installed every 400mm (max) vertically and 600mm (max) horizontally and must be embedded a minimum of 40mm into the mortar bed (NZS4210:2001). All masonry units shall be laid in mortar in courses, true to line, plumb, and level to the tolerances specified in table 2.2 of NZS 4210 / table 11.5 of NZS 3604. The builder must be strengthen the frame prior to the bricks being laid to avoid excessive impact on the veneer.



  • Carry out an annual inspection.
  • Check weep holes free from dust, dirt, spider webs and the like to ensure that moisture can continue to drain from the cavity.
  • If bricks or mortar are cracked, the cause must be determined (a structural engineer's assessment is recommended) and repairs must be carried out to restore the cladding.



Aubricks warrants that its products are manufactured in accordance with the New Zealand legislative requirements namely that they are fit for purpose and of merchantable quality. Please refer to the terms of trading regarding the extent of Aubricks liability pursuant to this warrant. Aubricks products have a serviceable life of at least the life of the building, and in excessive of 50 years. Any claim of non-compliance of the durability of the product should have physical and scientific evidence of the product itself. Quality on site for construction of the brick veneer is the responsibility of the building contractor and the bricklayer in accordance with the instructions of brick manufacturers. Early notification for any color variation or distortion should be communicated with Aubricks office before any laying happen.




The specifications and details are available at Aubricks web site or Ask Aubricks at 0800 427 425 for information.

Aubricks Product

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