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Brick Slips

Brick Slips Background:
  1. They are being used widely more than ever due to the increasing demand for high density housing.
  2. It is commonly made on-site by bricklayers using standard clay bricks.
NZ Brick Slips Aubricks
  1. Getting bladed into proportional slides of approximately 20mm wide onsite by bricklayers.
  2. Back-side Smooth surface has weak forces to absorb mortars during construction. Further on to cause safety issues such as fall of brick slips during frequent weather changes.
  3. Each brick slip requires large amount of diamond blade usage as well as labour cost. According to statistics, it takes around 50 cents(including bricklayer’s labour and materials) more per brick to produce one brick slip from traditional method.
  4. The manufacturing process conducting through bricklayers are currently producing huge amount of material wastages, dusts and dirt; and causing a lot of pollutions to our environment, affecting our social sustainable developments.
  1. Aubricks brick slips requires no need for blading on-site. It is being made in our factory. It can be used for non-structural walls therefore does not increase the structural cost of building.
  2. Aubricks brick slips undertakes the design of double-recess back size surface. It empowers the product much stronger absorbability than traditional design.
  3. Aubricks also manufactures L shapes brick slips therefore to simplify the construction process for bricklayers.
  4. We feel deeply responsible for keeping our homes clean and beautiful. This is why we persist to make sure our products is environmentally friendly without any dusty on-site works.
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