How to choose the right type of brick for your building requirements?

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Bricks are considered as one of the best building material in construction industry. Whether it is building a stable home or a highly sturdy company, the primary choice for any building enterprise is to utilize brick. Majority of people visualize a brick in New Zealand as a dusky red color blocks with a very rough texture. However, the market is full of a huge variety of bricks that are used to build the tallest infrastructures all across the world.

Bricks are generally found in three types –
  • Clay
  • Cement
  • Lime


Withal, clay is a highly efficient and cost effective solution that lasts for generations to come without any major wear and tear. Here is a detailed guide to the different types of clay brick that you can choose from. Decide which brick is best suited for your requirements along with other necessary details.

Types of Bricks

Handmade brick

– Want to give your home an authentic look? If yes, then handmade bricks are your perfect choice. To make handmade brick, usually the clay is rolled into the sand and then skillfully mould into the desired high quality blocks with the help of experts. The best part about handmade brick is that you can get them customized as per your requirements or to provide a certain kind of look to your home.

These are comparatively rough in texture but have a very attractive and aesthetically pleasing look. The cost of these bricks depends upon your custom needs, yet they can be a little expensive on the pocket.

Machine brick

– If you are looking for rather simple and smooth finish brick, then opting for machine made brick is the best option for you. The clay is first inserted into the machine which then moulds the clay in column pattern and later cut with the help of a wire. This method is also known as wire-cut brick making method.

These bricks are uniform in shape and are available at a very affordable price.

Reclaimed brick

– Reclaimed bricks in New Zealand are your best choice if you are looking to decommission your old building and build a new one in place of that. The idea is to utilize the same reclaimed buildings without splurging on the new stock.

The idea saves you a lot of money and time while meeting your requirements well on time.

Burnt brick

– Bricks that are made and burnt in a kiln are known as burnt brick. They are highly chosen in today’s era for building a highly sturdy building. These smooth bricks have very high strength and are available in three categories –

  • First class brick – Made with good earth deposits free of any saline come under first class bricks. They are found in very rich color with regular and sharp shape. These bricks are of superior quality and have a compressive strength that helps in constructing great exterior walls and flooring.
  • Second class brick – Second class bricks are used for exterior infrastructures and carry great strength. They are found in slight irregular shape, size and color and are fully burnt. They are not best suited for flooring purposes.
  • Third class brick – The bricks that are not made perfectly and have more than expected defects are third class bricks. Though non-uniformity in shape and color is tolerated, they are used only for outdoor constructions in dry areas.
  • Fourth class brick – Highly irregular in shape, color and quality, fourth class bricks are not suitable for building construction. They are rather used for road foundations and construction.
Unburnt brick

– Made with clay, unburnt bricks are not burnt in any kiln. Rather they are sun dried and have low strength than burnt ones. These bricks are believed to be the first type of bricks used in ancient times.

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