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Our Story

Our Story - NZ Brick

Aubricks provides a range of brick products to serve the needs of the growing construction industry in New Zealand. Founded in 2013, we have grown to partner with hundred of nz brick dealer stores across the country. You can browse our products and gallary online or in our showroom.


Our Service

Bricklaying And Delivery - NZ Bricks

We also offer a bricklaying service from our skilled, in-house bricklaying team. Aubricks can schedule delivery directly to the site in New Zealand. Please contact us for more details.


Our Quality

Quality - NZ Aubricks

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services. All our bricks are weatherproof to ensure no colour fading and are tested for strength, salt resistance and efflorescence. Returning of the whole pallet can be acceptable on the condition of perfect and intact packing of the goods.


Our Team

Big Community of People

We have a number of online and offline nz brick sales teams. There are more than 100 distributors and a professional bricklaying team with us.

Which Brick Do You Like?

NZ Bricks

We have hundreds of kind of bricks, there always is a best option fit for you. You can also get daily deals of our bricks with NZdiscount.

Aubricks nz bricks - Brick Color

Brick Colors

We have white, black, brown, grey, red, yellow bricks. Find images from our gallary. We also provide cheap but good quality of paintable bricks.
Aubricks nz bricks - Brick Size

Brick Size

We provide the following size: 230x70x76mm, 230x70x119mm, 230x70x162mm, 290x70x76mm, 290x70x162mm, and so on. Please find more size and images here.
Aubricks nz bricks - Brick Style

Brick Style

You can buy flat bricks, smooth surface bricks, matte surface bricks, charred bricks with us. Find the best for you.